11 things to tell your partner in bed

If sweet sugary things can bring you never ending moments of pleasure, what’s the harm in being even more thoughtful and finding out what excites your partner.

Saying certain things that can make your partner feel good and perform better in bed is an easy way to achieving sexual bliss.

However, making your partner feel pampered doesn’t mean you go on making sugarcoated remarks about their bedroom performance. Instead focus on things that they would genuinely love to hear from you. Furthermore, these remarks need not be necessarily raunchy but a slight sexual inclination is an added advantage, as it will let your partner perform better each time you get intimate.

Dr. Amita Mishra, a sex and relationship expert states, “Making sexual remarks to your partner gives them a kick that makes them feel indulged and enhances their confidence levels too. But it is very important to know what your partner likes to hear in bed. Moreover, ensure that you say the right thing at the right time, as it will instill a feeling of belonging. Telling your partner that you like his/her moves in bed can add to their sexual prowess.”

Things that excite women may look drastically different from what arouses men, but the fact is both counterparts like being praised for their sexual moves. While for men, it’s more of appreciation for their sexual performance, for women it’s the pampering and sweet compliments that hold the key to pleasure. Remember not to say anything at the spur of the moment or just for the sake of it as it affects your sexual relationship in the long run.

Dr. Avdesh Sharma, a clinical psychiatrist and an expert on sexual relations elucidates, “While in bed, appreciate your partner’s non-physical qualities, their physical attributes, things that they have done for you, their sexual actions etc. It’s a question of picking out the right things. Do not lie because things said in haste are not appreciated over a period of time as they were not honest opinions.”

Here’s a lowdown on top 10 things that men and women would love to hear from each other during a bedroom romp…


You are as hot as ever : Women love getting compliments and what better way to flatter her than with suggestive compliments about her body and sex appeal. Calling her hot, super sexy, vivacious will make her feel special. “Women love to be seen as unique and different every time, so instead of comparing her performance with the last time, tell her how amazing she is each time you indulge in a sexual act,” suggests Dr. Amita.

I love playing with your body curves : Stop portraying yourself as a wild animal waiting to pounce over your partner; stay calm and let your expressions do the talking. Don’t let your woman feel that you want her only during climaxing moments, instead show that you equally enjoy foreplay acts such as playing with her body. Since women don’t like clumsy compliments about their bodies, so tread carefully.

Dr. Avdesh warns, “Don’t go overboard commenting on a female’s private parts as it may make them feel like you see her as a sex object. Compliment her figure, skin, persona and then move on to more specific comments.”

Your moaning drives me crazy : Again, a compliment, but this time completely sex oriented. Though most women would shy away from telling you if they had a perfect orgasm, they would certainly love if you tell her how her moaning sounds take you into a tizzy. “Most men like a loud woman in bed, as it lets them know if they’re giving you enough pleasure or not. By telling her that you enjoy her moaning, you assure her that she’s going in the right direction so as to arouse you for more action,” feels Dr. Pushkar Gupta, a sexologist.

You play a perfect seductress : This ought to be a genuine compliment and your lady love will love to hear this. Telling her how perfectly she has mastered the art of seduction will take her to cloud nine. In addition, she would device some newer means to arouse you the next time.

“Pick out portions where a female partner has been unconventional in the sexual act and has done something which you always wanted and tell them about this. Such a phrase would boost her comfort level and give her a feedback that you like her seduction techniques,” says Dr. Avdesh.

I enjoy kissing each inch of you : Sounds too simple, but very effective! Let your women know how much you love her body and a gesture of kissing can be the best way out. In fact, women are happier during foreplay as compared to hard core sex moves in bed.

“Women love to be pampered and kissing her is one of the best arousal acts. It’s very comforting to hear that you love her entire body and she in turn would be more demanding in her sexual pleasure,” states Dr. Amita.


Let’s make it a night to remember : It is commonly believed that men are more sex driven and want to enjoy every night as if there’s no tomorrow. But if a female partner shows an equal level of interest in the lovemaking act, it can do wonders. Your man would love it if you shed all inhibitions and enjoy the night of passion like never before.

“Such lovable expressions induce a level of confidence and men get a surety that it’s not only him who’s interested to have sex on a particular night, but the female partner is equally involved. It also brings in a feeling of being wanted and men love that,” shares Dr. Pushkar.

I love it when you touch my pressure points : While guiding your man to your moan zones is one thing, but letting him know that he’s correct in his moves is more stimulating. Words of encouragement can let your man know that you are enjoying what he’s doing. Whatever you do to applaud them will make your sex romp more exciting, so do not hesitate.

“Talking about the sexual act itself and giving an honest feedback helps a great deal. Appreciating what your partner has done to you in bed and sharing how well it felt is a great thing that men love to hear,” confirms Dr. Avdesh.

Darling, let’s try something new today : Remember, neither a man wants to play a dud in a bed nor he wishes to make love to a monotonous partner. So, be a woman-magnet and let him know that you too love experimenting in bed. Tell him that you’re keen to go out of the way.

Dr. Amita adds, “Men want to try out newer positions and love making acts and once they get a go ahead from their female partner, the performance improves. In fact, men love a participating partner in bed, so whenever they see a female taking an initiative, they get stirred.”

I love when you get wilder : It’s ok to get dirty and wild at times, but what matters most is letting your man know that you’re comfortable with the sexual style. Men often assume a female partner doesn’t like getting too wild in bed, but while enjoying the pleasure moments, if you give hints that his wild acts are turning you on, it can be a moment to watch out for.

“Through such indications, the man will not only feel aroused, but will feel more comfortable. Also, he would be amazed to see a wild side of yours, so he’ll make greater efforts to love you the way you want,” says Dr. Pushkar.

You know I always fantasised about this : Flattery always works and if it’s about sharing your wildest fantasies, nothing better than that! Women, generally, are notorious to share their sexual fetishes, but a man would love it if his female partner is outspoken in bed.

“Men love being straightforward and it’s a fact that they like forthcoming partners in bed, so sharing your fantasies with your lover can be a huge turn-on and they would certainly love to hear it,” says Dr. Avdesh.

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