6 Ways to Bond with Your Mother-in-Law

Her domineering attitude leaves you exasperated, and her meddling nature makes you feel helpless. But guess what? Spending some time with your husband’s mother doesn’t have to be a task always. Let’s face it; your mother-in-law is a woman who can be your friend too. Therefore, getting to know the other woman in your husband’s life is serious business. Here are some bonding lessons that you could try the next time she is around.

Get cooking: Everybody loves to share recipes, and your mother-in-law is no different. Take a cue and bond with her over cooking and more; learn how to make her most favourite dish, offer to cook something exotic for her or simply give her a hand in the kitchen. You will eventually realise that the two of you do have something in common after all. :-)

Drive down memory lane: The next time you are visiting your in-laws, ask her if you could browse through the family albums. All of us enjoy a trip down memory lane with old photographs, and your mother-in-law will be more than willing to share cute little anecdotes about her son, the man in your life. Just by sharing a laugh or two over old photos you will realise that you’ve won half the battle.

Learn her language: With changing times, inter-caste marriages have become an ordinary thing. In such a situation, you may sometimes feel lost because of cultural differences. If you live with your in-laws, then you are likely to pick up their language. But if you don’t, then you can always learn the basics from your husband. Remember, you don’t have to be fluent with the language to engage in a conversation.

Keep in touch
: This one is possibly the easiest bonding therapy we could ever think of. Call your mother-in-law once in a while and update her about your work and friends, or simply arrange for a Skype call every week if she does not live in the same city. Just by letting her know your whereabouts will have her feeling reassured.

Bond over baby
: If you have a baby, then you are sorted. After having a baby, you will realise that the two of you have come closer and for good. You will not only appreciate the fact that she is around to help you with the little one, but also feel relieved for having a great support system in her.

Take a trip together: Now this one may not sound feasible, but planning a short trip with the in-laws is a great idea. Talk to your husband and identify places that would interest them, and set off on a journey you’re most likely to cherish forever. Also, travelling with your mother-in-law will certainly have her appreciate your effort in bridging the distance.



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