70-Year-Old Saudi Man Divorces His 15-Year-Old Wife

Recently, a 15-year-old girl ran away from her 70-year-old husband’s house in Saudi Arabia.

The man said that he paid a $20,000 dowry, but was gypped when the girl’s parents took the girl back. Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission said that a divorce was granted to the teen.

There is now belief that the man is actually 86, not 70, stating that he believed that the girls was 25. Either way, it seems that the divorce is final and that everything was resolved amicably.

“When you consider the very large difference in age, it looks more like this was not a marriage, but like the girl was sold,” Dr. Suhalia Zein al-Abedin of the Saudi National Association for Human Rights said. “The girl’s parents need to be held responsible for this.”


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