Disappearing act: LeBron sheds hair

A day after making news for a special police escort that violated Miami-Dade Police Department policies, LeBron James is in the headlines again because of his hairline.

A report from Business Insider and new pictures show James in a recent trip to Manila, the Philippines, during Nike’s “Witness History Tour” with much less hair and a much less noticeable hairline.

He has often received jeers over the large headband he wears to hide the distance between hair and brow and after losing the headband, in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, he put on an exceptional performance, scoring 16 points in the fourth quarter and leading to a Heat win in overtime.

Perhaps the makeover will distract from yesterday’s announcement by Miami-Dade PD that a police officer who escorted James to last week’s Justin Timberlake, Jay Z concert at Sun Life Stadium concert is under investigation for leading James on the wrong side of the road to avoid traffic.

Police haven’t released who the officer was or what his punishment will be.

James and the Miami Heat haven’t directly responded to the investigation.

James posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday that read, “Whenever you’re happy and in a great place in anything, someone or something will try to put a virus in it to make it all unravel.”

It included the hash tags “#MiseryLovesCompany,” “HatersBreedEnvy,” “#StayFocusedPeople” and “#DontLetItBlockYourHappiness.”


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