How to Easily Win an Argument

Whether you love them or loathe them, arguments happen. Perhaps the argument is over something as simple and silly as what to have for dinner, or perhaps it is a business negotiation that has gotten out of hand. If you find yourself in an argument and want to try your hand at alternative dispute resolution, check out some of these tips to keep you on track.

Know Your Stuff
If you get into an argument, make sure that you are right. Take a moment to look into the situation and to make sure that you have all the facts. Your chances of winning an argument are significantly better if you know your stuff and if you are able to present the facts before you in a clear and concise manner. If you do not know all the facts, do not get into the argument.

Stay Calm, Speak Slow
When you are getting into an argument, there is a good chance that tempers are going to be very high. You may find that you are feeling frustrated, and as you absorb the stress, you’re going to start speaking faster and more loudly. The truth is that this does no one any favors. You are going to be putting the other person on the defensive, and you’ll also find that you are losing your temper. If necessary, leave the room for a few moments to collect yourself.

Let Them Talk
It can be frustrating to sit back and let someone talk about something that you disagree with, but this is something that you need to do. After you have made a very calm and clear point, you need to stop and let the other person react. This is especially good if you know that they do not have great arguments to counter yours. Politely let them speak, and chances are good that they will figure this out on their own!

Stand Firm
Remember what you need to get out of this arrangement. There are many people who state that they are in this until the win, but if you are right, you are right. Be clear about why you are in this argument and how much time and trouble you are willing to devote to it. Knowing when to walk away does not mean that you have lost; it only means that you are no longer willing to discuss it.

If you are always getting into arguments and you are not sure why you are losing, take a look at the steps listed above. See what you can bring to your next argument that will show others that you are in the right.




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