How To Know If Someone Loves You

Guest Post

Sometimes we have to look for love — not from strangers but from the people already around us, the ones who show it in unexpected, wonderful yet slightly weird ways.

By Leigh Newman

1) Your annoying talking pumpkin-head key chain shows up in their junk drawer — or your broken pen or ancient bowling scorecard. None of these are items that anybody in their right mind would covet. But they are things that indicate that the person enjoys thinking of you while looking for the Scotch tape. Or that they’re doing something that’s only possible when somebody deeply adores you: They’re keeping your garbage around their nice clean house because they think that you might think it’s not garbage at all, and they’re waiting for that moment to hand it over to you and for you to go, “My talking pumpkin-head key chain!!! I thought I lost it!” At which point, they will get the huge hug from you that justifies the past few months of listening to that eerie electronic pumpkin voice go, “Smash me, sucker!” every time they shut the junk drawer a little too hard.

2) Their mom knows your birthday. No, you have never met her. Yes, they talk about you that much.

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