How to Plan a Successful Vacation with the In-Laws

A vacation with your in-laws is a good way to spend quality time with them and build stronger relationships. But can a peaceful vacation with the in-laws be a reality? Whether you have fondly agreed to a vacation or done it against your will, vacationing with your in-laws can often turn into a challenge. We give you eight tips to plan a successful vacation with your in-laws without it turning into a nightmare.

Identify a purpose.
There will be a reason why your husband and you have decided to go on a vacation with your in-laws. This could be because he wants you to spend time with them or he wants the children to get to know them better or he wants to simply take them out to relax and have a good time.  Once you know the purpose, you can plan the itinerary accordingly.

Consult them while making the plan.

You may be in charge of making the plan but be sure to discuss it with them. You don’t want to plan a cruise and then realise that your mother in law suffers from sea sickness. Consult them thoroughly while drafting your itinerary. This will also make sure that there aren’t any future arguments about it.

Discuss monetary issues .
Hotels, meals, travel fare et al are just basic expenses; there are a lot of expenses that quickly add up. Discuss beforehand how you’re going to settle bills. This way you will be prepared and can eliminate many awkward situations.

Stay positive.
If you aren’t comfortable with your in-laws and have already foreseen it to be a horrible week, then maybe it will be horrible. Replace all negative thoughts and tell youself that you will turn this into the most memorable vacation of your lives. Always be optimistic and keep reminding yourself that this is going to be a good week no matter what.

Have a backup plan.
Prepare a backup plan just in case your in-laws decide to drop the mood bomb on you. (Well, hopefully they won’t.)

Be calm and find solutions.
There will be instances when things won’t go as planned. Instead of losing your mind and triggering the breaking point of your vacation, be calm and find a solution. Remember you have already put in a lot of effort into this.

Include personal time.
Make sure you have allotted some personal time for just you and your husband, and make it known to your in-laws. This is your vacation too and you need not spend every moment of it with them.
Make it special. 
You have been on your best behavior to survive this vacation; that’s part one accomplished. But wouldn’t it be nice if your in-laws actually remember this vacation that you’ve put so much effort into? Include a special surprise that will make this a memorable trip for them as well as yourself.




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