How to Spot a Liar

According to a new study, you can’t tell whether someone is lying based on how shifty their eyes look. Well…crap. That was our go-to. Curious to know how to really spot a liar, we consulted body language expert Lillian Glass, PhD, author of The Body Language Advantage. Her tips…


Shoulder Shrugs


Whether it’s your man, a stranger, or a friend, shoulder shrugging subconsciously signifies that someone doesn’t believe what they’re telling you.



When someone is nervous (like when they’re, say, lying their pants off), their mouth becomes dry—they lick their lips as a result.

Leaning Back

Liars subconsciously want to put physical distance between you and themselves, so they lean their heads back a little.


Liars are prone to shuffling their feet, playing with their hair, and fidgeting with their hands—it’s an easy way for them to release nervous energy.

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Wiping their hands down their arms or legs is a subconscious way of getting rid of the dirty feeling associated with fibbing.

Pursed Lips

Puckered lips are a sign that someone is holding back information—especially if they make the move after you ask them a sensitive question.

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Sure, some people just bite their lips out of habit, but doing it right after you ask them a question can be a sign that they’re about to lie.

Blowing Out Air

Just like brushing themselves off, blowing out air is a subconscious way to get the icky feeling associated with lying out of their bods.

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