Ortiz smashes phone in Sox dugout

David Ortiz was ejected from Saturday night’s Boston Red Sox game in the seventh inning after arguing balls and strikes, but his night with the bat was not over quite yet.

He returned to the dugout and demolished the covers of two phones with a few whacks, then charged onto the field and had to be restrained by manager John Farrell and bench coach Torey Lovullo. Ortiz finally relented, but as a final gesture he threw an elbow pad in Timmons’ direction.

Why was Big Papi so hot at home plate umpire Tim Timmons? Ortiz had struck out swinging after he thought he had earned a walk, with a 3-0 pitch high in the zone called for a strike.

Papi had some choice words for Timmons, but nothing like the wrath that the dugout phone felt.

“I got 17 years in the league and I don’t think I deserve to be disrespected like that,” Ortiz said, and later added, “I don’t pitch, I don’t play defense, I hit. You’re not going to take my at-bat away from me. Period.”

The shattered pieces of plastic rained on teammateDustin Pedroia, who finally yelled, “Stop!” at the enraged Ortiz.

“He’s the biggest part of our lineup, we can’t lose David for one game,” Pedroia said. “I’m sure it looked pretty funny out there watching the smallest guy calm him down.”

Ortiz said that kind of blow-up doesn’t make him or any other baseball player “a bad guy.”

“We’re not snapping every day out there. There’s a reason why we snap . . . ” he said. “I’m not a bad guy and I’m trying to do my job. You don’t take my at-bat away from me like that.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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