The Powerful Word You MUST Say If You Want To Save Your Marriage

By Jessica M. Miller, M.A.

And 4 ways to help you do so …

In the movie Yes Man, Jim Carrey plays an entitled jerk who finally decides to say “Yes” to new opportunities to placate a friend.

This overcommitment challenge resembles a cultural aspect of our society that’s silently KILLINGmarriages.

Be honest, how hard is it for you to say “No” anymore?  To your boss, to your friends; it’s down right brutal, right?

Whether it’s for your child’s third extra-curricular activity, your neighbor wanting you to dog sit for the 18th time (for free), or your church begging you to chair yet another committee.

The requests for and demands on your time are endless. BUT the fact remains the same — youhave the ultimate say in how you choose to spend your time.

Why you can’t just say “No:”

At the heart of saying “No” is a fear of being judged and not accepted. In hopes of keeping up appearances and bypassing rejection, you morph into the Yes (Wo)Man and make it work.

You over commit your schedule and that’s sucking the vitality out of your relationship.

You want a happy marriage and yet you can’t possible give it the time or attention it takes to achieve this blissful state.

Why if feels impossible to stay focused on your marriage:

You feel selfish for not wanting to give up your time. So when someone campaigns for help, or your boss implies that you need to contribute more at work, you hesitate, but once that guilt kicks in you concede and commit.

Another reason is because your attention is constantly hijacked by allure and seduction. Whether it’s the alert from your Facebook newsfeed or the gigantic house that you just had to have (but now must clean) — these sexy distractions pull you away from yourspouse.

But the real reason is — you’re so concerned how you’ll appear to others, that you forget the most important part … how you appear to your spouse!  What’s more important, what random outsiders think of you at age 35 or who’s still by your side when your 75? It’s a no brainer — so put more stock into your home life than into your public persona.

There’s a real risk to your happiness when you say “Yes” for the wrong reasons rather than “No” for the right ones:

Just like a mama bird that flies away from her nesting babies, she puts her eggs at risk of being an eagle’s next meal. You put your marriage at risk when you say, “Yes” to meaningless activities that force you to spend more and more time away (physically or energetically) from your partner.

The result is a decrease in marital satisfaction, added strife, and possible infidelity.

Let me be clear — Every time you say “Yes,” to your pastor, child, or neighbor — you say “No” to your spouse.

Many divorces are a direct result of neglecting your partner for too long. Lack of attention in the home is like playing Russian roulette.

You lose touch with each other (literally). Your interests grow in opposite directions, and that special spark you once shared, fizzles out.

Good news! There is a simple solution: 

1. Learn the skill of discernment.

Make sure that you commit enough time and energy to your relationship first (everything else comes after). Figure out what fills your happy marriage cup and what steals your precious “us” time.

2. Understand that “No” is a complete sentence.

We actually don’t owe others an explanation. So get comfortable politely saying “No,” and then saying nothing more.

3. Get on the same page as a couple. 

Sit down with your spouse and discuss the craziness of your lifestyle. Review the calendar and begin to simplify. Trim the excess that doesn’t make you stronger as a couple, contribute to your happiness cup, or that is not required. Say, “Yes” to what matters and “No” to what steals your precious moments.

4. Replace “always on the run” with relaxing.

Be a couple again. Have a routine date, game, or e-free night. Your options are endless! You’ll notice that you’re much happier doing things that matter to you. By having more time with your spouse, the stress in your home will naturally decrease.

Rather than being a Yes (Wo)Man, be conscientious about the value of time and who gets a piece of it.

If you’re not a self-centered d*ck like Carrey, than don’t say “Yes,” just because.

When you commit to something make sure it’s worthwhile.  And remember, you only get so much time—spend it wisely.  Make your time matters by saying “No” to busy running and “Yes” to your sweet moments with your honey.

Jessica Miller is the author of Back 2 Love and How to Start a Mental Health Private Practice. Find her at jmillercoaching.com where she blogs regularly or follow her on Twitter where she tweets aboutTop Relationship Tips.

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