Top 10 Reasons for Staying in an Unhappy Marriage


Staying in unhappy Marriages

There are several couples who stay in their unhappy marriages even when they are not happy because of several reasons. A few years back a billboard proclaiming “Life’s short, Get a divorce” by a Chicago Divorce Lawyers Firm caused enough of an uproar and criticism from all over the country. But the legal firm made no apologies saying that the ad isn’t for everyone, but instead targets couples looking for a way out of a bad marital situation. Honestly, I see nothing wrong in people opting out of an unhappy marriage when there is no hope of salvaging the relationship. I believe that marriages are forever. At the same time, I also think that once a relationship is broken no amount of mending can make it the same again.

People’s outlook on Divorce is changing these days. One of my friends who recently got divorced celebrated her freedom by throwing a Party for friends. Apart from Divorce Parties, divorce greeting cards are also getting popular. I have personally witnessed some of my friends who were divorced from their miserable first marriages finding happiness in their second marriage. Given below are ten Reasons why people may stay glued to their unhappy marriages.

Reasons to stay in an Unhappy Relationship

Here are 10 Reasons why some people may stay in their unhappy and miserable marriages.

1) For the sake of Kids: Children are the worst sufferers when it comes to divorces. Many parents just stay in their unhappy marriages as they love their kids and would not want to cause any harm to them. But they fail to realize that quarreling and unhappy parents can do more damage to kids than good.

2) Money and Perks: Some Women stay in their marriages because of the comforts and perks they get at the husbands house. The same also applies for men who survive on their wife’s income.

3) Low Self Esteem: Some men/women have low self esteem. They are not aware of their own worth and do not realize that they can do better. Many even lose hope of ever being happy in life.

4) Do not want to be like the Parents: Several people try to make their unhappy marriage work because they do not want to be like their Parents who have a history of divorces. Since they have suffered the consequences of their Parent’s actions, they try not to make their children suffer by getting divorced.

5) Society and Religion: People getting divorced are looked down by the society and some religions. So many men and women pretend that they have a happy marriage even when they are suffering.

6) Guilt: Those who have opted for love marriages normally do not have the support of their parents when things turn sour as they themselves are blame for their own plight and bad choice of partner. So many of them try to make their relationship work or stay in their unhappy relationships to prove to themselves and their parents that they made the right choice.

7) Loneliness: Many people stay in their unhappy marriages as they are lonely and have no parents or friends to turn to. They find security in their marriage even when they are not happy.

8) Property: Some people stay together because they have accumulate wealth together (like a house or business or even a pet dog which both are attached to) and would not want to give them up for any reason.

9) Freedom to live independent lives: Some couples come to an agreement or compromise on both living life the way they wanted, but staying together under the same roof creating the impression of a happy couple to the outside World.

10) Been forced to stay together: Sometimes couples are forced to stay together because of society pressures and pressures from Parents. It is often seen that the Parents and or relatives who are more worried about their own reputation than about the unhappy couple.

Whatever the reasons, is it worth staying in an unhappy marriage? Personally, I have seen many couples trying to make their unhappy relationships work in vain. I can’t imagine them of living a miserable life for so many years trying to make it work.

Why do people try so hard to make a failing relationship work when all the love is lost? Why not just leave and find the right person or try living a better life? After all, Life is too short to spend being miserable. It is better to accept it and move on.


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